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During the kittens life with us, we maintain a good supply of internet contact including photos to new adopters/owners, so they are able to get a closer bond before their kittens arrive. Our kittens leave home around 15 weeks old.

 If you would like to enquire about a kitten or be included on our kitten list please fill out our Questionaire copy and email it back to us.

We like to collect a little information about our kitten owners so we can assure the best home for each kitten. If you could fill out our kitten questionnaire and return that would be the next step.

The kittens leave home desexed, fully vaccinated (2x), wormed and litter box trained. and of course dearly loved. They leave the cattery around 13-14 weeks old once they have recovered fromvacinations and the desexing operation.
Our kittensare $950

 There is also the cost of travel which is approx $90 within the SI and approx $175 to the NI. We use Pet Travel NZ care of Carla Purcell.  For international travel these can also be arranged by Pet Travel New Zealand

phone/text 021925592

With Micro chipping we can have this done at the time of desexing atan additional cost of $35 which is just the injection of the microchip. You will need to register the kitten/cat on the National register of Companion Animals, which your vet can help you with. There is an additional cost that you will need to pay your vet for registration.

 Once you have chosen a kitten a non refundable deposit of $500 is required to hold the kitten for you. During waiting for the kitten you will receive our Loriendale Kitten care which covers all sorts of things from diet, preparing for the arrival, things you will need to purchase for the kitten, general healthcare and loads more.

 As you can expect our kittens are sort after and they don’t seem to be “available” for long. We do havepeople on our waiting list and priority is given to those who have been waiting longest if there is a kitten that fits their requirements. Everyone seems to have different requirements with colour, pattern and gender so quite often there will be a kittens that is available to "new additions" to the kitten list.

The best way to see what is happening is visit the website. I also advise everyone on the our waiting list when a litter is born and I have identified the colours ( this can sometimes take a while).

We sometimes have young breeding cats that we re-home for $500.

To find out what is happening at the Loriendale Nursery please use the link at the top of this page (available cats and kittens).