They have been referred to as the "Pixies of the cat world," a cross between a cat, a dog, a monkey and Dennis the Menace. Delightfully silly in both antics and appearance, they capture the heart and the imagination. What are these curly-coated living works of art? Let me introduce you to the captivating, the mischievous, the loving Devon Rex.

The first thing that catches one's eye is that magical face. The Devon Rex is a breed that is unique in appearance - large eyes, a short muzzle, prominent cheekbones, and those ears! The ears are gigantic and ultra wide-set at the base, extend beyond the side of the head, have large bells on the back, and evoke a feeling in onlookers of being in the presence of an extraterrestrial. Just looking at them brings a smile across one's face. Advocates of the Devon Rex have been known to say that "in order to completely appreciate the appearance of the Devon Rex, you must first put aside all of your preconceived ideas of what a cat should look like." Three pairs of convex curves formed by the Devon's huge ears, prominent cheeks, and round whisker pads frame the cat's softly triangular head. These "poodles that purr" sport a medium-fine frame that is covered by a distinctive soft, wavy coat that comes in a rainbow of colors including the pointed colors. Devons are currently accepted in all colors and patterns. With such a recent history of lusty farm cats so close behind this breed, it would be folly to have restrictions on their colors and patterns. Although great attention is paid to the coat and curl, no limitations are placed on pigmentation. A kitten whose color is point restricted, as in the Siamese, sometimes appears and surprises Devon breeders. That rascal "Kirlee," father to all Devons, is thought to have carried the gene for it.




Terms that have been used to describe this breed include, friendly, lively, affectionate, playful, intelligent, mischievous, impish, enterprising and active. They aretheir own version of the ultimate elfin/pixie feline, with a madcap personality and a nimble mind.
 Devons rarely sit upon a windowsill looking elegant or bored. Devons are seldom elegant and never bored (or boring). They sit upon your shoulders or they lie across the back of your neck and investigate your ear. They lie in stacks like a pile of soft toys in front of heat vents, or pile one upon another until they lay six deep in a cat bed designed for one or two. They may sit upon a windowsill, but only to chirp at possible prey.  

Devons do not meander, they favour a purposeful trot. They chat with little chirrups, chortles and trills, but their purring may drown out their other conversation. Devons love to retrieve, and often seem to be fascinated by water, many actually getting into the shower or even the bath with their families.
 Happily Devons shed their coats at a rate that is barely perceptible to the human eye and nose. And as they are quickly and easily bathed, many people with allergies to cats discover that they can live comfortably and intimately with a Devon Rex. The absence of cat hair in the air, on the pillows and on furniture is a definite plus to allergy sufferers.

When you handle a Devon, you will be surprised at the density of muscle and the sense of weight in such a small animal.

The Devon has the same body temperature as other breeds, but has less fur to insulate your hands from it's natural body heat. They make superb bed warmers, and they do not go cold in the night! Devons are very sociable cats; they want to be with you, preferably on you and doing what you are doing, or at least making it difficult for either of you to do it properly. They have a way of weaselling their way into everyone's hearts, people and other pets alike, and specialize in winning over any non-believers.

Scroll sideways through the images below, they create animage of these wonderful playful cats and kittens.



- The head is wedge shaped and face full-cheeked. The muzzle is short with a strong chin and whisker break. The nose has a strongly marked stop with the forehead curving back to a flat skull.

- The wide set, large, oval shaped, impish eyes slope towards the outer edges of the ears. Eye colour is in keeping with the coat colour, or, except in Si-Rex, chartreuse, green or yellow.

- They sport bat-like, oversized ears jut out and away from the sides of an elfin face. These are set rather low, very wide at the base, tapering to rounded tops, and well covered with fine fur. With or without ear muffs or tuffs.

-Very short and fine, wavy and soft, without guard hairs. Devons sport a variety of coats that range from a full-rolling loose uneven wave through lessening degrees of density that support a tighter rippling effect all the way to a thin suede-like cover.