Cat Shows

Showing a cat takes a lot of dedication, commitment and time but it certainly has the rewards. Meeting other cat lovers and their cats is a major attribute. The networking that comes with this is extremely helpful and when help is needed there is usually someone there to support and help.

Loriendale Devons have been constantly shown in New Zealand since 2003. During this time winning Supreme Cats in Show multiple times,  Many Best is Show and now over 100 Breeders Awards of Merit from international and New Zealand judges. We have also featured in the NZCF Incs National Top Ten for overall yearly points. I have a number of Loriendale Devon owners that have contributed greatly to promoting our Devons on the show bench and without their dedication Loriendales brand would not be as strong, thank you so much to all of you.

We have focused on improving coat density and length, ear size and profile ( Nose break and depth of chin especially). Maintaining overall balance of body type to the Breed Standard is an area we are working on including the correct length of tail. I believe that some of the outcross programs that have happened internationally have greatly increased the nose break and shorter nose, but have unfortunately added a shortening to the body and increased the strength of boning and also shortened it which has moved away from the standard. (Fine boning).

Having outcrossed to Abyssinian to bring in the cinnamon gene, it has been essential to show the prodginy to assure the Devon type was maintained. Judges critiques have been very important in the move forward with this program.

Good timing is needed with breeding cats and having them in condition for the show season. Usually the cats I show at the begining of the season are not those I show at the end of the show season as this gives them a rest period before they call and after kittening.

The diagrams above show the developement during the last 50 years with the head becoming more extreme and complying to the Breed Standard that those images from the 1960's. The body diagram does not show the improvements to the nose-stop that has been achieved but I do like the overall elegance that I think has been lost slightly.

Breeders Awards of Merit

We now have been awarded over 100 Breeders Awards of Merit (BAM). These are awarded to a cat or kitten that displays excellent breeding and development of the exhibit towards the Breed Standard. Only one is given out in the ring for Entire cats, another for entire Kittens and the collectively for Neuter/spay cats and kittens ( 3 in total). Our achievement is outstanding with these BAM awarded by many international judges as well as New Zealand judges.

Supreme Exhibit

Loriendale have also produced cats that have reached this level. This award is presented to the BEST Exhibit of any one show. Six of our cats have been awarded the Supreme titile

Wanting to Show your devon rex?

Showing a Devon can be a great deal of fun. Choosing a show, preparing the cats and the show equipment and then hearing the different judges critiques along with the the place announcements, prizes and awards. The show scene can be friendly, entertaning and enlightening. At Loriendale we are more than willing to help get you started with help in joining the National cat club (New Zealand Cat Fancy), an affiliated club ( a local club). Teaching you in the entry forms and acquiring what is necessary for the show day.

On show day we insure someone is there to help you "bench" the cat/kitten and teach you how to handle your cat for the judges if necessary. It is a great hobby.