Available Kittens and Cats

We like to collect a little information about our prospective kitten owners so we can assure the best home for each kitten.

This will also help us:

  • identify the cat/ kittens colour sex

  • gives information on the environment that is offerred for the cat/kitten.

  • gives all the information the New Zealand Cat Fancy requires for registering the cat/kitten with their new owner

Once you have completed and returned the Loriendale Devons Kitten/Cat questionnaire you will be added to our kitten list.

october 2018 update

Felix 7 months.JPG

Kyapark Clasique Lorien (C-LH) & Loriendale Tilda de Hazelwood have spent a little time togtether recently and are awaiting confirmation of Tilda being in kitten.

Kittens due late November


Loriendale Willow de Hillwood is away at Woolacombe Cattery with her new friend Woolacombe Watchme Fly. Hoping to confirm kittens soon.


planned matings

Kyapark A Winsome Lad & Loriendale &  Loriendale Umiko de Hollywood (LH)

Loriendale Harvey de Hillcrest (C-LH) &  Loriendale Vada de ClaremonT

Woolacombe Watchme Fly & Loriendale Zoe de Applegrove