Available Kittens and Cats

We like to collect a little information about our prospective kitten owners so we can assure the best home for each kitten.

This will also help us:

  • identify the cat/ kittens colour sex
  • gives information on the environment that is offerred for the cat/kitten.
  • gives all the information the New Zealand Cat Fancy requires for registering the cat/kitten with their new owner

Once you have completed and returned the Loriendale Devons Kitten/Cat questionnaire you will be added to our kitten list.

July 2018 update


planned matings

Kyapark A Winsome Lad & Loriendale &  Loriendale Umiko de Hollywood (LH)

Kyapark Clasique Lorien (C-LH) & Loriendale Tilda de Hazelwood

Loriendale Harvey de Hillcrest (C-LH) &  Loriendale Vada de Claremont

Loriendale Harvey de Hillcrest (C-LH) &  Loriendale Ysabella de Morningstar (C-LH)

Woolacombe Watchme Fly & Loriendale Willow de Hillwood

Woolacombe Watchme Fly & Loriendale Zoe de Applegrove