Available Kittens and Cats

We like to collect a little information about our prospective kitten owners so we can assure the best home for each kitten.

This will also help us:

  • identify the cat/ kittens colour sex

  • gives information on the environment that is offerred for the cat/kitten.

  • gives all the information the New Zealand Cat Fancy requires for registering the cat/kitten with their new owner

Once you have completed and returned the Loriendale Devons Kitten/Cat questionnaire you will be added to our kitten list.


september 2019 update

CH KYAPARK Clasique Lorien (IMP AUST)

available and ready for his new home.


Felix breeding career has now been completed and we are looking for a forever home. Felix has the most wonderful disposition and will fit in well Felix is well muscled and stocky. Beautiful dense coat. Seal point and white. His colour and pattern is a little distracting and appears to give him some unusual expression. He's a bit of a character and is very good with the girls.A wonderful cuddly funloving disposition.

Felix was born in New Zealand but conceived in Australia.His date of birth 5th May 2015 making him just over 4 years of age


felix and vada kittens arrived 31st August


Kyapark Clasique Lorien and Loriendale Vada de Claremont kittens arrived on 31st August

All kittens will be colour restricted ( mink, maybe sepia). Some may carry cinnamon.

Because these kittens are “colour restricted “ ( also known as thermal) the colours will develop over the next month or so. ( we are guessing at this stage).

At this stage we have one

a seal male -available - reserved

a blue bicolour female ( under evaluation)

a seal bicolour female - available

( you may notice a fourth kitten at the bottom of the photo, this is a Burmese kitten whose mother would not feed, so Vada is taking that role - surrogate mum).


harvey and tilda kittens arrived 5th September





Loriendale Harvey de Hillcrest and Loriendale Tilda de Hazelwood kittens have arrived. Colours still developing but heres a guess

black silver tabby male - available

brown tabby bicolour male - available

black silver tabby bicolour female - available

brown tabby bicolour female - available

blue tabby bicolour ( under evaluation).


harvey and faery

Harvey 1.JPG

Loriendale Harvey de Hillcrest and Kyapark Pearlescent Firefly . Firefly ( Faery) has pinked and her kittens are due mid October Ecpecting Black, Blue with and without white also torties and reds. Torties will be in the same colours.

planned matings

spyder and umiko



Umika ( long haired)

Umika ( long haired)

Kyapark A Winsome Lad &  Loriendale Umiko de Hollywood (LH)

All kittens will carry cinnamon and LH genes but will be SH in appearance.


harvey and zoe

Harvey 1.JPG

Loriendale Harvey de Hilcrest and Loriendale Zoe de Applegrove have been spending time together, awaiting confirmation of kittens.

Expecting Black, Chocolate, cinnamon with and without white. Solid (self) or tabbies.