Loriendale Tilda de Hazelwood

Developing well. Excellent balance, elegant boning and playful. Her mother Hazel has produced very typey kittens and are looking forward to continuing this bloodline. She has a playful and friendly disposition. Huge ears and eyes, tall and elegant, good tail length.

Brown classic tabby bicolour  DRX F / W (s) (cl)

 Blood Type A

Photo was taken at 9 months old



Loriendale Umiko de Hollywood

Miko is a long hair Devon, she is the first fawn we have bred and maybe the first fawn ever bred in New Zealand. All kittens will be LH carriers. She has a wonderful adventurous disposition.

Fawn bi-colour (low grade white)   DRX C1/W (s)

(Cinnamon dilute)

Blood Type A


Loriendale vada de Claremont

Vada is a loving socialble devon that loves to be around people. her coat is dense and she is well covered.

Seal sepia bicolour, DRX H/W (s) (se)

Cinnamon carrier


ch Loriendale willow de hillwood

Willow is the first cinnamon in New Zealand. A beautiful burnt chocolate colour. He has fantastic dense coat and very well covered. Afull on Devon that loves to be the center of attention. very interactive. She is a 6th generation of the Abbysinnian outcross program we have completed at Loriendale.

Cinnamon bcolour, DRX B1/W (s)

Photo taken at 5 months


Loriendale Zoe de applegrove

Zoe has a beautiful dense coat and is overall well balances. She has been doing well on the show bench as a kitten. A little reserved but does enjoy being with the other cats.

This photo was taken at 5 months

Black smoke DRX s

Zoe is a cinnamon carrier