ch Loriendale CubA de Claremont

Developing well. Excellent balance, elegant boning and playful. Cuba is a 4th Generation in our cinnamon outcross program

Blue tabby mink and whiteDRX FA / W (s) mn

Cinnamon Carrier, Blood Type

Photo was taken at 7 months old



Loriendale Harriet De Hillwood

Harriet is from the first litter from Kyapark Classic Purrformer imported from Australia over Loriendale lines. She is a full sister to Harvey de Hillcrest and will be used in the Cinnamon program

Chocolate Tabby bi-colour (high white)   DRX W/FB (s) (mk)

Cinnamon Carrier

Blood Type A


Loriendale Maya de Applegrove

Maya has a short, dense full coat . Her markings are outstanding. Has already been awarded 3 Breeders Awards of Merit at her first show at 5 months of age.

5th Generation of our Cinnamon outcross Program

Seal tabby point, DRX F/H (s)

Cinnamon carrier


ch Loriendale Isabel de Morningstar

Black Smoke Bi-colour, DRX s/W

Beautiful head shape, lean fine boning, very elegant and exceptional temperament. Having already won a Supreme Exhibit as a kitten and making the front cover of the NZCF magazine goes to show Isabellas far reaching appeal. She is the first progeny from CH Kyapark Winnerin Love (IMP AUST)




Loriendale Lily de Hazelwood

Fine, elegant and extremely well coated.  Outgoing and very friendly. Excellent broad chest and head.

A fantastic mother. Also doing well on the show bench. Hazel is now spending sometime at Woolacombe Devon Rex Cattery.

This photo taken at 5 months

Brown Spotted Tabby Bi-colour, DRX F/W (s) (sp)