Your kitten has been handled since birth, raised in a home with our family and other cats. Please keep them indoors for at least two weeks and from dusk till dawn throughout their life.

Baby kittens will sleep up to 20 hours a day. If they do not receive this much needed energy boost, they become tired, cranky and are prone to outbursts of temper, similar to a young child.

Arrange a quiet area for the kitten to have time out. Include a bed, food and water dishes. Ensure that the food and water are away from the litter tray as cats hate to feed and drink where they eliminate. 

As a kitten get them used to travelling in the car if you want to take them away with you. Put them in a secured cage they will be more settled. This will make visiting the vet a less streessful experiance for your cat

Basic Supplies


Here's a list of items that will help you and your new kitten get off to a great start: 

  •          Bed or sleeping area
  •          Water and food bowls
  •          Toys
  •          Litter box and litter * 
  •          Cat carrier
  •          Brushes and combs
  •          Scratching post
  •          Kitten Food ** 
  •          Cat tree


Provide a comfortable sleeping area, cats like a place to curl up in sometimes to get away. Check pet stores or make a bed: 


Water must be freely available at all times

Safe Toys   

Choose soft toys that bounce erratically (the more bounce, the better).

Cat toys, like toys for small children, are wonderful amusements and should be chosen carefully. Use these tips:

  •  Avoid toys that have sharp edges or parts that your kitten might swallow.
  • Tinsel and ribbon are dangerous when swollowed.
  • Any fradgile toys should not be left laying around as they can break underfoot when the lights are out at night. (sharp plastic can injure the soles of your feet.
  • Beware of yarn and toys with strings. Yarn or string is dangerous if ingested. Supervise all play with these toys. 
  • Cat nip mice and the toy that is round plastic like a donut and has a ball in a track that they can spin around but can't get out are favourites at our house.
  • Our cats just love screwed up paper which is devastating when you splash out on a (what we think is a fantastic) new toy, and the cat prefers what it was wrapped in!
  • Rubber thimbles are very popular at Loriendale!

 Easing The Transition

Introduce your cat to your home gradually by following these helpful hints:

  • For the first day or two, keep your kitten confined to one room with a litter box, food and water.
  • Let her become comfortable in this room before introducing her to the rest of the house
  • After your new kitten is relaxed and acclimated, allow her to explore and roam the rest of the house.

Children in the household

Show your children how to properly pick up a kitten and how to play with their new pet. Teach them that cats don't like to be teased or have their ears or tail pulled. Always supervise your children's interaction with your new kitten, especially when they have friends over to play. Young children can dramatically effect the temperament of a kitten by rough play or noisey play.

Other pets

Tips for successful pet introductions:

  • If one cat shows hostility toward another during the initial introductions, don't punish him; that action could backfire. Instead, start the whole process over again after separating the animals for a while, don't force it.
  • Respect each pet's territorial rights. If your older cat has claimed the living-room sofa as her favourite spot, allow her to keep that space as her own domain. Help your new kitten find a different spot she can call her own.
  • Establish separate but equal relationships with each pet to prevent jealousy.
  • If you have a dog, keep him on a leash at first, and monitor him closely. In the beginning, don't let him chase or bother your new kitten, and don't make your kitten remain in the same room with the dog if she's uncomfortable or scared.
  • Buy separate food and water bowls.


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